Living Up To An Old Soul

‘Old Souls – humans that keep coming back.’ Apparently, I’ve got about 99 more times to go before I get it right!

 “You’re such an Old Soul,” a friend recently remarked after I’d been talking about some of the weird things that have occurred in my life. I blinked and was glad that it wasn’t a similar sounding word and pretended that I knew what he was talking about. After a spate of googling many flaky New Age sites I’ve tried to define what it is to be an Old Soul – with a job!

Old Soul Searching

Allow this Old Soul to introduce herself. I’m that kid in your class at school who was often found staring out of the window, lost in daydreams and marching to the tune of her own drummer. I was the one who was good at art, and lousy at maths. I was the life and soul of the party, but actually preferred to spend time alone in remote places. I was the quirky outsider who secretly wanted to be a Jack Russell dog. 

It’s a Dog’s Life

These days I’m no longer a canine wannabe, and instead of chasing rabbits (which I’d also love) I’m an author, an event organizer, a photographer, a public speaker, art teacher, cook, and a historian. I spend journeys with squinted eyes travelling back in time, I study people and buildings, reflections, the curve of a hill, the outline of old lettering on a building, and the big skies of Denmark.

Stand-up Scandi Tours

It’s hard to make a living as a watcher and storyteller though, so in-between times I work as a tour guide, shepherding coachloads of jetlagged tourists around. After getting over my fear of public speaking at my local Toastmasters International club, I find that I’m now spookily at home and in charge of the microphone. I’m a ‘stand-up’ tour guide, and find that my captive audience warms to my stories and laughs at the right moments when I launch into my ‘Hyacinth Bucket’ repartee – pointing out when ‘Daisy’ is at home at Amalienborg (her royal pennant will be flying), or why the Danes are so tall (lots of dairy products in their diet), and the significance of the herring (fishy gold in the middle ages). I offer them a salte fiskecandy and watch their poor faces contort and tell them how Denmark have the lowest life expectancy and highest risk of heart attacks in the Nordics, but they do love to cycle! 

Time Travelling in Copenhagen (Part-time)

Being an Old Soul provides a handy portal to use in my other part-time job, as an Airbnb tour guide for my ‘Time Travelling’ experiences in Copenhagen and Helsingør. I’m very approachable and meet my tourists on a blind date outside Tivoli; guiding them through the cobbled streets, urging them to squint and imagine the rattle of carriage wheels and horses snorting, the air heady with the aroma of refuse, wood smoke and, erhm…poo. One of my favourite tricks is to give the doors to old hidden courtyards a nudge, then usher my startled guests into amazing places that with a little sawdust, foliage and barrels could easily pass for the past. We stand hushed, then the shriek of a child, a bell tolling in a church tower, and we all travel back in time together. My tourists love it and forgive me my fuzzy dates and frequent use of the confusing array of King Frederiks and King Christians. Back in the present, we take a river taxi up past the new Opera building and I feel a sense of pride in my adopted land as we survey the clean and confident vista, the water below us sparkling in the cold sunlight. But I know what lies beneath and around us, and never a slave for the over-blown hyggefrenzy I feed my guests only well-honed snapshots of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Website: @timetravellingincopenhagen

Instagram: @timetravellingtales

If you Google old soul there’s an awful lot of popular nonesense out there. My favourite is, “Old Souls – humans that keep coming back.” Apparently, I’ve got about 99 more times to go before I get it right!


9 Signs That You’re An Old Soul

 1#   You tend to be a lone wolf, or Jack Russell.

2#   You love knowledge, wisdom and truth.

3#   You’re spiritually inclined.

4#   You understand the transience of life. 

5#   You’re thoughtful and introspective.

6#   You see the bigger picture. 

7#   You aren’t materialistic.

8#   You were a strange child.

9#   You just “feel” old – let’s go on vacation!

X Heather

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